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The UK researchers have suggested that those who are using the latest version of BitTorrent to download files or music are being closely monitored. This is as per the research that was conducted by the Birmingham University. The research has clearly indicated that a file downloader or sharer who is illegal would be monitored in a short while. The team that conducted the research said this came as a rude shock because it was least of their expectations. In fact, they were really amazed by the scale of monitoring that is done.

The most terrifying thing here is that the holders of the copyright have the capability of making use of the data for the purpose of cracking down on the downloads that are illegal. The research has up to now taken 3 years. It comprised of a team of experts who were studying computer science. They came up with software that was acting almost in the same manner as a BitTorrent file sharing client. Simply what they did was to log in all the made connections.

BitTorrent is basically a technology that comprises of the method through which files are being obtained via downloading from a number of users all at once. The reveals from the logs did not really give a difference between those who were downloading the files illegally from those who were new to it. Dr. Tom Chothia, the head of the research team, said you were not necessarily supposed to be a hardcore illegal downloader for you to be distinguished from other types of downloader’s. You also need not necessarily to be a mass downloader, even if you download a single music or movie, you will still as well be logged in.

The reports have also said that if the downloader was obtaining a content that was in the top 100 list, he would definitely be monitored within a very short time. Someone is going to notice it and then record the act of downloading.  The study also showed that the contents that were less popular were also monitored although not on a regular basis.

The research also indicated that there were 10 different logging firms for monitoring which were identified. All the 10 contents logging monitoring firms, some could easily be identified as copyright-research labs, security firms and enforcement as well as organizations.

However, it was quite a hard task to try to identify the big content logging in monitoring firms. The big monitoring companies were instead using a third party for the purpose of conducting research for them thus making it very difficult to be identified.

Dr Clothia said that it is still unclear why such big firms wanted a wide range of data. He continued saying that most of the monitoring firms are just storing the data and they might find it just usefully in the near future. Such kinds of monitoring are said to be very easy to do. So, most of these firms think they may collect data and make wide use of it some days to come since they might be very valuable.

It is too unfortunate that the big logging in monitoring firms have been allegedly accused of using the data. The firms are selling the data collected to the copyright holders so that they can conduct their marketing activities. Dr. Clothia said that the data collected has the capability of showing the type of content that is very popular and from specific areas and thus suitability for marketing purposes. The research under Dr. Clothia and his team has really received praises all over the world. People could hardly believe as this act of monitoring was exposed to the world.

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