Want to take a closer look at Ares before downloading it? Check out these screenshots!

Ares Main Screen/Video Player

Ares Main Screen/Video Player. After downloading your movies/videos, you can watch them directly in the application through the integrated audio/video player. The multimedia player supports most of the popular media formats such as mp3, wmp, wav and others.

Ares allows you to sort your files into different folders which makes finding these files easier than ever. You can also use the custom search function to search through your entire library by using keywords. Common sorting functions such as sort by name, file size, date modified are also available.

You can search through the Ares files library with keywords. The search can also be limited to certain types of files such as audio, video, documents, software, images or "other".

Search in Action

Here you can see the search in action. The results can also be sorted to allow you to find the file you need in the fastest way possible.

transfer window

The transfer tab shows all files that are currently being downloaded or shared. You can pause/resume/delete files in this tab.

Chat Room in Ares Galaxy

Talk to other Ares users through the chat tab. You can join a chat channel, create your own, bookmark your favorites and more.

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to change and tweak the software's settings. If you don't like how Ares looks you can even change it's appearance by modifying the skin.

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