How to optimize your torrent client for speed

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Optimizing a torrent client of speed depends upon whether one is a seeder or leecher. The propensity of leechers is more than that of seeders on the internet as it is the basic human nature to try to get more for oneself, rather than give. Providers of torrent files may be oriented towards increasing the speed of downloads’ if they have any interlinked commercial interest driven by profit. Leechers’, on the other hand, are more oriented towards increasing the speed of downloads as compared to uploads. One can optimize one’s torrent client via the inbuilt tweaking utilities which enable one to determine the percentage bandwidth allotment for downloads/uploads. As torrent clients are primarily meant for file sharing amongst like minded users, one should be considerate enough and aware that such platforms will survive only if they seed along with leaching.

For an optimal speed one can safely decrease the speed of an upload to 80% of the default level, the action favoring download speed and not compromising upload at the same time. In this way, the very concept behind the emergence of such software stands justified and users are able to get good download speeds. Selecting the right torrent is a vital factor for optimizing speed of one’s torrent client. Torrents having similar content should be carefully reviewed, their popularity accessed and only the ones displaying the highest number of seeders, with a favorable seeding/leaching ratio should be chosen over other, similar torrents.

Another way of optimizing speed is to establish a group of likeminded file sharers who trust each other for the genuineness and quality of their torrents. Ideas can be exchanged over chat messages and email to inform each other about the torrents available for sharing and what would be the best time for downloading for a particular user, living in a particular region or province. Such information can be vital for optimizing speed as downloading at night time is usually fast as compared to daytime due to lower internet traffic at night, according to one’ geographical location.

Users within a group can optimize their torrent clients by choosing upload and download speeds according to the specific uploading/downloading habits of their group members. Shutting off firewalls is another way of boosting the speed of torrent clients’ as they interfere unnecessarily when multiple nodes try to connect with each other. When on is 100% sure of the validity and the accurate content of the desired torrent, disabling the firewall and other screening software like spyware and virus checking can speed up the downloading of torrents. By not enabling the ‘randomize port setting’ in the client, one can choose particular ports which are not subject to bandwidth throttling by ISPs and other regulatory agencies. Port numbers above 10,000 are usually ideal for grabbing higher bandwidth for torrent downloads. Traffic shaping is another method by which ISPs direct the traffic away from bit torrent clients and the latter can be tweaked to encrypt the connection in order to bypass traffic shaping by the ISPs.

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