How to choose the fastest torrents

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Fast downloads are possible only if one has a fast internet connection. This is a primary necessity for faster downloads. DSL and cable modems have very fast download speeds, as they are usually based on fiber-optic technology which is akin to the speed of light. Older, telephone modems, GPRS based internet and wifi connections are usually slow and dependent on the intensity of traffic on a particular network. Users who downloaded torrents in the initial years of the internet are reminiscent of the days’ and even months, waiting for a file to download which was only a few megabytes long. Nowadays, with internet speeds hovering well above the 1-100 Mbps (megabytes per second) mark, large files can be downloaded in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Internet speed are likely to go up further as efforts at increasing speed is an ongoing activity of technocrats involved in research and development.

For a torrent file to download faster, it is essential that the number of seeders (computers/users hosting the file for download) is more than the number of leechers (computers/users trying to download the file). Torrent sharing activity has led to the development of a new phrase- the ‘swarm size’ of a torrent. Just as suggested by its literal meaning, a swarm size is the total number of ‘seeders’ and ‘leechers’ sharing a particular torrent. The larger the swarm size, the larger is the popularity of a torrent. The speed of the download however depends upon the percentage of seeders as compared to that of leechers. This percentage varies consistently as sometimes the leechers may be more due to intensive downloading activity, or the seeders may be less due to shutting down of pertinent computers’ hosting the relevant torrent file. Seeder to leecher ratio is therefore the accurate criteria for guessing the download speed of a torrent and should be considered before deciding to choose a torrent when time is the primary concern.

A simple way to speed up the download speed of a torrent file is to use a torrent client that supports tweaking facilities to kill uploads in favor of downloads. Although this action defeats the primary purpose i.e. file sharing, it can definitely increase the download speed if one is compromised due to time shortage. Some torrent clients also support choosing only the relevant files from the total torrent content one wishes to download. Selecting the chosen ones for downloading while neglecting rest of the files can also lead to faster downloads.

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