Frostwire mobile – Features & Overview

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With the increasing trend in the popularity of mobile devices and tablets, the next focus of information technology is on providing what was hitherto available only on the bulky desktop and laptop computers, on tablet platforms. Tablets and mobile phones available nowadays have incredible capability in terms of processor speeds, wifi connectivity and memory which can be compared with primitive desktops. Development of special software platforms like Microsoft Windows- tablet edition, JAVA, Symbian and the latest Android system has enabled portable devices to reach the capability of smartphones which can accomplish most tasks so far limited to desktops. Sharing torrents too cannot escape this phenomenon and as an answer clients needed to be developed for this section of mobile devices.

Frostwire Mobile is the answer to innumerable mobile users in the world who intend to share music, video and other files amongst each other. Based on the popular android platform, it offers the users capability to share files with each other in the same manner as on a computer. The file size which can be shared on an android device naturally has to be in accordance with the capacity of the inbuilt memory and the speed of the processor. File sharing over a mobile can however be a costly affair if one chooses to do it on one’s 3G or GPRS network as the service providers have exorbitant rates for data downloads. Larger files however can be downloaded without fear of cost over wifi networks which can be accessed on the devices operating on the Android platform. Frostwire Mobile is a tiny 5 Mb download available for free downloading on the internet and can be installed in a jiffy. It offers a pleasant blue background interface and the user has to agree to the terms and conditions of not spamming and infringing upon copyright and protected material during sharing of torrents. One has to choose a nickname before using the application. The software offers a choice to seed finished torrents which one can choose to opt for or ignore. Frostwire mobile provides a pleasant interface and displays prominent music and other torrents that can be shared legally amongst users. The torrent files are large and one should be careful while downloading to choose only wifi networks as using the software over the service provider’s network can be a costly affair. Versions for using the software over 3G and 4G networks have been in demand by some users and the developers have come up with the software capable of doing so. The software is intended for local use among groups of friends to share their personal messages, pictures, video and text although it can also be used in the traditional manner, dependent upon the capacity of the memory card or the mobile device. It is more suitable for large screen size devices as the text and pictures might be difficult to discern on small screens of android phones.

Frostwire Mobile indeed is the only client in this section and stands to gain popularity with the incursion of mobile devices into the world lifestyle. Further improvements are likely in accordance with the data handling capabilities and speed of mobile connections. The only concern is that it also needs to be developed for devices using other platforms such as Windows, Apple and JAVA to ensure its worldwide spread.

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