What is your toolbar?

Our toolbar is a new way for users to access free entertainment content that makes life a little easier and a lot more fun—all through their Web browser! They are given the ultimate access to a vast library of free online content such as videos and games. The toolbar lives in a user’s Internet Explorer browser and features buttons that change dynamically based on the types of sites they visit. These buttons also provide instant access to Search, Videos, Games and more! The browser toolbar also offers emoticons that can be inserted into social networking sites and Web-based mail programs such as Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Comcast.

Is your toolbar spyware?

No, our toolbar is definitely not spyware. Spyware invades users’ privacy—Pinball respects it!

The purpose of spyware is to covertly gather information about your computer usage and the sites that you visit so it can be sold to advertisers and others. Usually, spyware is hidden inside another program and installed without a user’s informed consent.

We assure you that our toolbars do not collect or share any user information with third-parties.

If you have any questions about the toolbar, contact pinball publisher network with your questions.