How to optimize your torrent client for speed

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Optimizing a torrent client of speed depends upon whether one is a seeder or leecher. The propensity of leechers is more than that of seeders on the internet as it is the basic human nature to try to get more for oneself, rather than give. Providers of torrent files may be oriented towards increasing the […]

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Frostwire mobile – Features & Overview

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With the increasing trend in the popularity of mobile devices and tablets, the next focus of information technology is on providing what was hitherto available only on the bulky desktop and laptop computers, on tablet platforms. Tablets and mobile phones available nowadays have incredible capability in terms of processor speeds, wifi connectivity and memory which […]

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How to choose the fastest torrents

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Fast downloads are possible only if one has a fast internet connection. This is a primary necessity for faster downloads. DSL and cable modems have very fast download speeds, as they are usually based on fiber-optic technology which is akin to the speed of light. Older, telephone modems, GPRS based internet and wifi connections are […]

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How to avoid fake torrents

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Gullible torrent downloaders are often misled by surreptitious sites and hoodwinked into clicking at supposedly attractive torrent links which yield nothing but spyware. Keen youngsters looking for music and movie torrents are the most likely victims. Tech savvy and serious users of the internet are aware of this problem and are very cautious while downloading […]

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How to download torrents anonymously

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Looking for anonymity while surfing the internet is like seeking the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. Internet was established to connect people together on a single platform and that is the very reason it is difficult to stay anonymous as each user is connected to the World Wide Web as a unique entity, the identity […]

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Technology/BitTorrent downloads news

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The UK researchers have suggested that those who are using the latest version of BitTorrent to download files or music are being closely monitored. This is as per the research that was conducted by the Birmingham University. The research has clearly indicated that a file downloader or sharer who is illegal would be monitored in […]

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Creating and Publishing Torrents

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Metadata used for BitTorrent are stored in a torrent file. It is simply defined in the BitTorrent specification as data regarding a target file, but does not contain any information on the file content. The torrent only has the information different pieces of the target file are located. Torrents function by dispersing the target file […]

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Ares – Top P2P File Sharing Program

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Since Limewire has left the internet scene after being charged with infringement, P2P file sharing users have been waiting for an equivalent if not a greater replacement.  The launch of Ares2011 is what they have been waiting for. All enhancements in earlier versions of Ares have been integrated into this new release, making it not […]

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Ares Galaxy – Main Features

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Whether you are a song writer, movie producer, game developer or a regular internet user, you can use Ares Galaxy for free. This P2P software lets you download and share files as much as you want, via its network. Ares Galaxy has several features, which every user can benefit from. Main Features of Ares Galaxy […]

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The Best BitTorrent/P2P Client for Mobile Devices (List)

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In the past, online users were content as long as they have a computer with internet connection. Aside from searching, they use this for connecting with others by means of social networking sites and instant messaging. They, also, download stuff like music and videos and even share these with friends. With Bit Torrent protocol, they […]

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