Ares Top Features

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Ares has many useful & user friendly features that made it one of the most popular and one of the most downloaded file sharing applications to date. Since there are so many features, we cannot explain and show you what every single one of them does so here is a small list of the most popular Ares features.

Powerful Library Organizer

Powerful Library OrganizerThe Ares integrated library organizer lets you sort your downloaded files in many ways which makes finding and accessing your files very easy and fast. Every single file that is located in the ares library also has its own tags and category which makes searching and downloading files easier than ever before.

Built-in Multimedia Player

Built in PlayerThe built in audio and video player allows you to watch and listen files that you downloaded directly inside the application without having to load them into your media player. This feature was built in in order to save you time and for added convenience. The media player has the most basic controls such as play, pause, stop, skip forward, skip backward, sound, list playable items and ShoutCast. ShoutCast is free internet radio that you can listen inside the application.

Fastest Downloads

Fast Downloads

Ares Galaxy uses the P2P multi-threading technology in order to speed up your downloads meaning you will always get the best speed no matter where you are. Ares Galaxy lets increase the download speed by downloading from many peers at the same time instead of downloading from a single peer. This is done automatically and you will not have to worry about anything at all.

Integrated Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms Ares also allows you to communicate with the Ares community by using its integrated chat rooms. You can connect and talk with people who are downloading the same files as you.

There are many more features in Ares Galaxy but there is simply too many to put in this post. Download the application now and start exploring all the amazing features today.