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Ares Galaxy is a free and open source P2P client for Windows. Some of the main features of the client include chat rooms, easy file manager, instant search, advanced search options, unlimited connections (fast downloads) and much much more. Ares Galaxy was created in order to help you download/share faster and easier than with previous P2P or torrent technology. Download ares now and get unlimited music, movie and application downloads:

Download Ares

The Ares Network

Ares development began in the middle of 2002 and was originally operating on the Gnutella network. Six months later, it switched to its own network with a leaves-and-super nodes architecture. Its protocol is more difficult to identify than that of other popular P2P programs. As a result Ares is sometimes the only P2P client that works on restricted networks, such as some university campuses. However, it is not impossible to block, and many organizations are now doing so. From version 1.9.0, data sharing was enabled between two peers behind a firewall. This may be due to mediating peers. The Ares network was, at one time, largely free from fake and corrupt files, unlike others like FastTrack. However this has changed as its popularity as a file sharing network increased. Since late 2006, several anti-piracy groups, including MediaDefender and BayTSP, working for the RIAA, have started hosting fake MP3 files on Ares that never start downloading. These files are hosted from multiple computers using extremely high-bandwidth connections and therefore appear at the top of the list for any search query that returns them as a result. Some users report that the reliability of establishing connections can be difficult and erratic. From version 1.9.4, Ares included basic support for the BitTorrent protocol.

System Requirements:

Ares has has a very light-weight interface and was designed to run on any modern day computer. If you were able to open this web page in a browser then Ares will most likely run on your computer. The system requirements are as follows:

  • Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 20 MB of disk space (Installation)
  • internet connection (obviously), preferably broadband

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