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Why Download Ares?

 Ares Explained

Ares Galaxy provides you with incredibly fast download speed which makes downloading and sharing files with your friends, family or the Ares community very easy and fast. Our application also allows you to create and customize your own file library within the application itself making browsing through and finding files a piece of cake. Additionally, Ares has a very user-friendly interface which allows anybody to start using the program to its fullest. Even if you are not familiar with this kind of P2P software, you will be able to familiarize with Ares almost instantly.

Easy One-Click Search

The One-Click search feature allows you to find files simply by typing in a keyword in the search box of the Ares "Search" tab. Before preforming the search you can also select which file type you want to find. The default setting is set to "All" but it can be changed to Music, Video, Image, Document, Software or Other. After typing in your keyword and hitting the search button you will be presented with a list of all the files related to your search keyword. Simply double click on the file that you want to download and the download will start.

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited Downloads

Ares allows you to download and share as many files as you wish no matter how large they are. This makes Ares the perfect P2P client for downloading/sharing HD video, high quality music, free games, large documents and much more. Ares also has no limits on the speed of your downloads which means that you will always download as fast as your internet connection will let you no matter where you are located. Ready to download Ares? Head over to the download page and click the "Download Now" button to start!

Ares Galaxy Features

Ares Galaxy Top Features

Ares is one of the most light-weight P2P file sharing applications that currently exist. It only takes seconds to open Ares Galaxy, search for whatever you are looking for and start downloading it. There are a number of useful features that were created in order to make your life easier. These features include the integrated audio/video player, torrent file support, one-click search, customizable personal downloads library and even chat rooms where you can talk with other members of the Ares community. And lets not forget that Ares is 100% Free due to its open source distribution.

Chat Rooms

The most recent version of Ares integrates community chat rooms that you can use to interact with other Ares Galaxy users. In order to access the chat rooms, simply click on the "Chat" tab in the top menu of the application. Once there, you can choose to join one of the existing "Channels" or host your own channel. The visible channels can be sorted by Name, Language, Availability (Based on Rating) and Topic. If you find a Channel that you like, you can even add to your favorites by clicking the "Favorites" button just below the top menu.

Simple Interface

With the new and simple interface you will be able to navigate Ares much faster than before. You can access everything you need by clicking on one of the six tabs that are located in the top menu. The most recent version of Ares also has an integrated video/audio player that allows you to play your multimedia files directly inside the application. Simply download a song, right click on the file and hit play.

  • Software: Ares Galaxy
  • Review By: Melody Nelson
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Powerful Library Organizer

Library Organizer

Every single file you download with Ares is organized by category and file format which makes finding and downloading files very easy. The downloaded files are stored in your personal customizable library. You can create new categories for your files and sort them by date, size, type, title and in many other ways. Ares Galaxy also has a very useful quick search feature that allows you to find files in your own library simply by typing in related keywords in the global search box. All these features help you to keep all your media organized and easily accessible at any given time.

Customizable Interface

If you don't like the way the default Ares Galaxy skin looks you can change it from the options menu. Simply go to the control panel tab and then click the "Skins" tab. There are 7 skins/themes included in the basic Ares installation. You can change them by clicking on their names in the "Skins" tab that you just accessed. If you don't like any of the pre-installed skins, there are plenty of custom fan-made skins/themes that are available online and can be easily installed. Click the download now button below to start your Ares free download today!

User Reviews


Melody Nelson (Softpedia.com) I've been using Ares for a while now, being that I find it to be easy on my computer's older hardware. So many p2p programs really slow a system down and use so many system resources. Ares gets the job done efficiently. The GUI is basic, nothing to rave about. Features are very self-explanatory and easy to use. Would highly recommend for anyone that's looking for a basic P2P program.